Monday, April 2, 2012

The Wiggins
Hello my name is John Douglas Wiggins Jr. and my major is Art Education.  As I told you guys the first day of class I'm a lucky guy with a beautiful wife and two very bright children.  I have many things nowadays keeping me busy.  As a matter of fact I just helped my 1 year old daughter put her toys away.  I'm a active participator in my family's life.  I cook, clean, cut grass, wash dogs, fold clothes, etc.  Sometimes it feels as if I don't have much time to myself.  When the kids go down for the evening my wife and I like to sit back and watch a movie or talk.  We also play a lot of video games, shooters more so than anything else.  I like to think it help me decompress the events of the day.  Usually the the house is spotless and that's because I take pride in my home.  At times I'm a cleaning freak.  I can recall a day where I cut the grass and pulled out the weed eater to trim around the trees in our 3 acre yard.  Then while I was inside the house I cleaned out the refrigerator, vacuumed, and started a load of dishes and clothes.  So much my time revolves around my lovely family and their well being.

My wife has been the most inspirational person of my life.  There are moments in my life when things just seem to be piled high on my plate.  I realize that no one is perfect and that life is full of ups and downs.  I feel this to be true knowing that in order to learn a person has to be exposed to different experiences.  Well there are times where I just don't remember these valuable lessons. This is where my wife shines the most.  She has proven that just by trying you can bring out the best in yourself and also the people around you.
Knowing that she tries hard in every endeavor and pushes for the best makes me want to do the same.  She is an accomplished woman and her value shows through the experiences she has achieved.  From making the deans list here at the Marion campus to a department manager at her job, she devotes much of her success to just trying. This is the reason she inspires me.

My two metaphors:

 Frankie's skin was the color of milk chocolate and if you asked his girlfriend, his attitude was the flavor of sour grapes.

Like the serpent that deceived the woman holding the apple, Frankie gave me an earful of his silver tongue


  1. what a family you got there!
    you guys are such a adorable family.

  2. that's great passion, hopefully you do well on the film production

  3. man all i can say u have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!

  4. You're family is gorgeous!!! I've heard you talk about them before but wow! I love how devoted you are to your family, it's very touching. But Frankie sticking his "silver" tongue in you ear is kind of disturbing. (Haha. Totally just kidding!!!! well about the tongue thing I mean)


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