Saturday, April 28, 2012

Field Trip

     "A few months after completing "In the Field," I returned with my daughter to Vietnam, where we visited the site of Kiowa's death, and where I looked for signs of forgiveness or personal grace or whatever else the land might offer".
       It's a good experience for O'Brien's daughter. because she gets to understand what her father went through. She got to see where her father's best friend died. The relationship between O'Brien and his daughter is very strong, because he takes his daughter to see all the horrors he experienced in his life.

Interpretive Questions:
Why did O'Brien choose to share his personal stories with everybody? Why did Booker hang himself? What was the main reason O'Brien take his daughter to Vietnam?


  1. This was a very strong passage in the book I enjoyed it too.

  2. i really enjoyed too this passage.. you can feel what O'Brien want to teach his daughter....

  3. Its a great question...why did he went back to a such place where he lost a good friend and a team member?

  4. This passage was one of my favorites, i enjoyed it as well.

  5. I like this passage, Tim O'Brien tries to help his daughter understand the struggles of war and how much of a bg deal it is.


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