Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First one, the convincing points about Barbara Ehrenreinch essay serving Florida is how difficulty workings America culture.. "Gail is sharing room in the well known downtown flophouse for $250 a week. her roommate, a male friend, has begun hitting on her driving her nuts, but the rent would be impossible alone. Claude the Haitian cook, is desperate to get out of the two room apartment he shares with his girlfriend and two other, unrelated people. Marianne, who is a breakfast server, and her boyfriend are paying $170 a week for a one person trailer. Billy, who at $10 an hour is wealthiest of us, lives in the trailer he owns, paying only $400 a mouth lot fee."

second part, my experience taught me a lesson is one day i was talking on the phone at work time and my superior came to me and gave m warning. he said this is your first warning, but don't do it again.

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