Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"serving in Florida , mostly in the restaurant business they are former cooks still capable of pinch-hitting in the kitchen just as in hotels they are likely to be former clerks and paid a salary of only about400$ a week "

My first job was working as driver for Home Health care, I was hired as a driver, and I have to work five days in a week, mostly, during the weekdays. This work, was my dream work, I got the job just after I graduated from High School. This was in the late 2009 through early and mid 2010. The taught me what responsibility means. Many people relied on me, or being on time, full-filling promise and having courtesy to speak to them, ask people how their day was, how they spend the weekend, if they slept well. Most of the client, people I was suppose to drive around were old people, and some of them do not see other people, so they will appreciate me talking to them. Becoming their friends will mean a lot to them.
In the work, I was supposed to wake up early in the morning and pick up some clients. Some of those client I was suppose to pick up have doctor’s appointment, have appointments in the immigration office, some have an appointment with their health-care provider and some have appointment with welfare office. Everyone, however, have very important appointment that is, to them, my client, very important and they will not be happy to be late from it.



  1. I find it really sweet that you took the time to go beyond just driving your clients but you took the time to ask them how their days and I am sure that really made their day as well!

  2. That is great to hear. Making someone happy and talking to that is a gift for you.

  3. It sounds like your conversation probably meant a lot to some of those people.


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