Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip

"Kathleen just turned ten, and this trip was a kind of birthday present, showing her the world, offering a small peace of her fathers history" This is a quote from the chapter "Field Trip" I found this to be a very powerful story in explaining Tim O'Brien's life after the war. This story is about him and his daughter going back to visit Vietnam. In the story he explained what the land looked like and you can interpret the differences between now and the war. He says that he went there for a birthday present for  Kathleen . However, the places they go and the things that they did were for him to remember his past and pay tribute to his fallen friends. His daughter did not really enjoy the places they went because she saw them for that they really were, but O'Brien saw then as more. to him they were strong memories and a time to reflect on everything that he did and what happened to him in the war.
In this story I also enjoy the passage when his daughter says "Why was everybody so mad at everybody else?" and Tim responds to her, "They weren't mad, exactly. Some people wanted one thing and others wanted another thing." For me this shows how being part of the war can make you under stand the reasons of war with more detail. 

Why did he bring Kathleen to Veitnam?
How does Jimmy Cross feel about having the title of lieutenant during the war?   


  1. I like the 2nd intrepretive question a lot. How do you think he feels about himself after the war?

  2. I thought it was interesting how Tim didn't really go into any great detail when explaining the field to his daughter.


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