Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In the essay, "Serving in Florida," that Barbara Ehrenreich wrote, in which she shares her experience as a restaurant waitress, she is talking about how hard it is to work there and how tough working conditions are. But the idea that struck me the most in this essay would be how the company that is supposed to insure the restaurant's employees is, somehow, corrupted when it comes to covering employees. For example, she is talking about how the company lost her co-worker's, Gail, health insurance application. She said, "She is supposed to be on the company health insurance plan by now, but they claim to have lost her application form and to be beginning the paperwork all over again. So she spends $9 a pop for pills to control the migraines she wouldn't have, she insists, if her estrogen supplements were covered."...

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  1. I got frustrated after I read that part as well. I have of people who that happened to, it's awful! It must have been hard for that to happen to Gail because there was nothing she could do but keep working.

    Harmony :)


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