Tuesday, April 10, 2012

                               Serving In Florida and Anecdote

Part one , what struck me the most about this culture in common and about this narrative story that Barbara Ehrenreich making a point about and share it that a lot of people work so hard more then one job to effort thier life style now and she metntion on page 149 on paragraph 12 " the break room summarize the whole situation: there is none because there are no breaks at jerry's. for six to eight hours in a row, you never sit except to pee " and this covincing me and explain that most of people struggle with their life just to make easier living .

Part Two, experience that taught me a lesson was at my work place when i use my phone and texting and my supervisor caught me and took my phone for the whole day and said ill might loss my job if he caught me again it was kind of tough situation.

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