Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Serving In Florida and Anecdote

I feel that the part that stuck to me the most was the paragraph about how she had a hard time finding a job that she wanted. It stuck out to me because it really reflects our current economy where jobs are not paying as high of wages and there are fewer job openings. It also shows how employers will stereotype new employees and it is hard to get to do what you want at first because the employers will go off of past experience they know is true. For example, she said, "I finally get a positive response, I have been once again identified as server material." This sentence stuck out to me because it emphasis how she wanted to do housekeeping at a hotel but they gave her a serving position instead because that is where she "fit".

I am currently a digital projectionist at the Rave movie theater in Columbus. About five months ago is when I started the projection position at work. One of the most impotent things on the job is to monitor the equipment and make sure everything runs smoothly and to fix any problems. My first week up there I was not paying close enough attention to the schedule we have or the projectors. What a problem that caused. I ended up starting 3 wrong movies and one theater did not turn on the projector lamp and sat with a black screen for 30 minutes. I was almost written up for all of the problems and lost a lot of my trust. At that point my vowed to never let that happen again. Now I am one of the head projectionist at this theater.   


  1. that sucks and i am glad you fixed that problem. i would hate to sit there for 30 minutes waiting for my movie. at least you got your trust back.

  2. I understand what mean when you say that's all mangers do it a shame.


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