Thursday, April 26, 2012

"The Ghost Soldiers. My favorite passage in this story that I marked to day is , when he  said I remember lying there for a long while, listening to the river, the gunfire and voice, how I kept calling out for a medic but hoe nobody came and how I finally reached back and touched the hole." I feel like he still afraid the man he killed and the way he  got shoot before. 

The two Interpretive questions.

Why did  he  got shoot?
Why is he scare Jorgenson?
 The third Interpertive qouestion
Why Tim O'Brien wrote this book?


  1. Jorgenson must be really scared if he wasn't even able to help O' Brien as fast as he should have.

    Harmony :)

  2. I don't think it should be why he got shot, but more of why did it not get help right after he got shot. Because since he is in the war he got shot because of it.

  3. Jorgenson scared the first time he seen that he got shot. the way i see maybe he don't want help him i wonder what he scared or not to help him that first.

  4. This is the chapter I chose too, O'Brien was upset that Jorgenson was unable to help him in time. But he was a bit frozen in the situation as well, when he said he couldn't tell him to treat for shock, for whatever reason


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