Thursday, April 26, 2012

TTTC, In the Field

All they wanted now was to get it finished. Kiowa was gone. He was under the mud and water, flooded in with the war, and their only thought was to find him and dig him out and then move on to someplace dry and warm. It had been a hard night (pg 155). The reason I chose this passage or what I felt about it. Story after incidentally on their way in the field sewage they saw Kiowa’s body in the mud. I felt well bad situation about what happen to him.  And he also Jimmy was thinking about Kiowa's death, and it was such surprise them how Kiowa was, a brave and kindly guy, and he didn’t  well deserve it the way he died. What I have learned about book, it is a lot of things. In fact, I liked very much the abut Tim O’Brien the way he wrote the book, and how he represents reality through fiction. And also, he well impressed me because the writer was telling the truth among fiction and imagination
Three interpretive questions
1-      Why Bowker wants Azar to shut up?
2-      Why O’ Brien wants to tell that story the third person?


  1. its sad the way kiowa died...

  2. i agree with what you were saying about fiction telling a greater truth sometimes than and actual real story

  3. It must have been a shock for them loosing Kiowa.

  4. I felt bad about Kiowa as well, he didn't deserve the way he died. The story makes a strong impact about war whether its true or not.


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