Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hobbies and inspiration

My name is Halimo Hilowle and this is my first year in college. I’m from Somalia and was also born there too. I’m the youngest from my family. My major is social worker one of the reasons I choice my major was because I tent to help people a lot the reason to that would be the way my country is now I feel as if it needs a lot of help in my country and I am an open person that helps other I may not be the that talks in class but when asked I would be the one who answers it I also believe that there are many different ways, and different types of ways of helping people. I believe that when you help another person feel better either inside or out makes me feel like I did a big different in something I like to do.  The best thing you can do to make people want to help you is to help them and by doing that I feel as if one day someone will help me do something in life or something I need help with. I love kids and being around them is something else I like to do and playing with them.  I also like cooking when I am at home I love shopping. English is my second language my favorite subject would be math. My roll model would be Oprah she’s a type of woman I would want to look up to one of the reason would be the way she helps the needed that needs help and I can see myself doing that. I always watch her show she makes a lot of different in other people’s lives. I believe if you help others one day someone else will do the same for you when you need help. I plan on learning a lot from this English class and I want it to help me improve my English or make it stronger.


  1. I love cooking and kids too! I am actually a Sunday school teacher at my church. I love helping people, in high school everyone referred to me as mom because of it. and you are right, by helping people you will receive help.

  2. Oprah's a great role model to have, and I agree with you about there being many ways to help people. Good luck with your major! sounds like you would make a great social worker


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