Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My name is Hawo hilowle I am, origininal from Somalia but i leave in Columbus Ohio. I am studying respiratory therapy; the reason why that i chooses is to help the person who has asthma. I like to be around at hospitals and help the people. Another reason that i choose it is there is no many people in that is studying respiratory in my country. this my first year in Ohio state university and my hobbies’ is watch TV, going shopping, most of time I like to cook and I like to cleaning house. a person who has inspired me is mom. My mother always in spires me the most. Because my mother always was happy with whatever I did. All the time my mother likes to make me happy and every time she likes to support me whatever I did.  She thinks everything I did is right, my mom never feel that I did something wrong or something bad.

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