Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Serving in florida

Fartun Gelle

 "Serving in Florida" Barbara Ehrenreich shares her experience  on this essay she wrote. When I read this I feel like kind of sad. because of the situation that she in.
 "The break room summarizes the whole situation: there is none, because there are no breaks at Jerry's. For six to eight hours in a row, you never sit expect to pee."

My first job that I worked was EXCEL.... it doesn't have a good environmental, the supervisor's were kind of mean. the reason i say  that  it was my first. day that i work in warehouse.I was  fasting that day for the  Ramadan. they couldn't allow us to get a food unless for the break time. even if you want to go to the bathroom you have to slide your ID in and out. that was my worst  experience that I ever had in my life.


  1. That sounds like an awful job! At least it was your first job, so now it can just get better!

    Harmony :)

  2. I can't imagine having a job like that. Bet you're glad you're not there anymore?

  3. Well that is not nice though. They should let you use the bathrooms without clocking in and out because every warehouse allow the employers to use the bathrooms without doing that.
    So they were bad supervisors i guess..

  4. I agree with you sis, me too when i road the essay of Barbara Ehrenreich i fell sad. because she was talking about, how hard America jobs, and how difficult life is.

  5. Same thing i used to work there too, it was horrible job i ever had in my life also they don't know how to treat the employer for the right way. So i'll give you guys advice don't ever tried to go apply that job for your life...........

  6. American Work filed can be tough most of time and hard to deal with especially when you trying your best to balance your personal life and work at sametime, i hope you dont exprience this again !


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