Friday, April 27, 2012

The Ghost Soldiers

" I couldn't  help it when bobby Jorgenson got to me, I was almost gone with shock. all i could do was scream. I tightened up and squeezed, trying to stop the leak, but the only made it worse, and Jorgenson  punched me and told me to knock it off. Shock, i thought. I tried to tell him that. i tried to say, "Shock," but it  wouldn't come out right. Jorgenson flipped me over and pressed a knee against my back, pinning me there and i kept trying to say ''Shock,, man, treat for shock," I was lucid_thing were clear_but my tongue wouldn't fit around the word. the I slipped under for a while. when I come back, Jorgenson was using a knife to cut off my pants. He shot in the morphine, which scared me , and I shouted something and tried to wiggle away, but he kept pushing down hard on my back. Except it wasn't  Jorgenson now it was that genie he was smiling down at me, and winking, and I couldn't buck him off. Later on, thing clicked in to slow motion.
  what i learned about this story Jorgenson did not help him the way he want to.
My interpretive question
Why Jorgenson get scared him and can even do nothing about.
why he always smile while he get scared.


  1. I think I re-read this part quite a few times.

  2. This part was were the author best at his writing!

  3. Going into shock would make for a tricky situation!


  4. I think that this passage does a good job of describing the helplessness people must feel while wounded on the battlefield.


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