Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the Field

One of the story that had me touched was "In the Field", and my favorite passage from the story is "The rain was the war and you had to fight it (pg 156)".

What I felt in this story is what the soldiers were going thru after losing thier good friend Kiowa. Kiowa died by drowning in a field full of craps. In this story it tells how the soldiers was looking for the body of  their friend Kiowa and that they did not sleep or rest until they recovered his body.

What can be learned from relationships or human nature is you can make a bond with someone who never meet until you spend some time with them then you start connecting with that somebody.

 Interpretive Questions:
Why did Sanders compare the rain to war?
How did the soldiers felt after the Kiowa died? 


  1. they have good friendship which was great in way but in other way it kind of hunt thier life, they should just let go of the past and move on in my opinion, great pick up line from the book !

  2. Exactly, it was kind hard felling to them when they saw their friend died but,the death what had seemed like good friendship is really difficult. By the way, that's was a good quote Mr. Ibrahim.

  3. they have Great friendship it had to left their friend die becuase they dont want live his friend die one one want that, it was hard feel to them

  4. I think that the rain was like the war because they could not stop it or even get away from it. It rained every minute of every day, and they lived the war every minute of every day.

  5. They have a strong friendshios among themselves, they traveled and fought together. They all know what they have been through since they were there with them. Searching for Kiowa's body shows how strong of a relationship they have for him.


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