Wednesday, April 11, 2012

‘I determined to reform. But I only made myself sick, I was not able to learn to chew tobacco, I learn to smoke fairly well, but that did not conciliate anybody, and I remained a poor thing, and characterless. I longed to be respected, but I never was able to rise. Children have but little charity for each other’s defects. As I have said, I spent some part of every year at the farm until I was twelve or thirteen year old. The life which I led there with my cousins was full of charm, and so is the memory of it yet.” That is good point to know what you like do.    
 That is not good to learning tobacco and smoke because it causes some disease to creative in heart, all the body. If you learn the drugs maybe the best is a smoke better than tobacco and other, it is unilingual. I remember clearly the boy, he is my classmate in middle school, just he take to play the drugs he did not eat that is time, but next time he learn to eat   Some time it was happened. The people who eat the drugs became loser for everything, poor thing, characterless. Sometime lost their memory over yet.


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  1. As you said it's not good to smoke or use any kind of drug because it's going to kill your lungs, heart, kidney which will effect your future.

    its good to hear that you quit it.


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