Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fall of Saigon

The fall of Saigon was the capture of the capitol city of South Vietnam (Saigon)  by the people's Army of Vietnam and the National Liberation front on April 30th, 1975.  This caused the end of Vietnam war and the started the transition period leading of the formal reunion of Vietnam communist state.

North Vietnam wanted South Vietnam not to be communist so they were fighting against them in order from the stop from been communist where South Vietnam wanted to apart from The North. so they were fighting against each other while they were same country, but had different political economics. The fall of Saigon was important because it caused to end the War in Vietnam.

The fall of Saigon  

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  1. Sade, the North wanted the South to be Communist, and that is what happened when Saigon fell. The city was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the N. Vietnam leader. The one picture you had of the embassy and the helicopter taking people out is really the story I want told. Can you research more about why so many Vietnamese were desperate to come to the US embassy and get out of Saigon before it fell to the Communists? What happened to the many people left behind who supported US troops?

  2. so many Vietnamese were desperate to come to the US embassy because they were against the communist from north Vietnam and they new that the communist forced them to become communist. SO they decided to get out from there before it becomes communist. so the desire for bringing so many vietnames people to america was to prevent total chaos and to deflect the real possibility of South Vietnamese turning against Americans, and to keep all-out bloodshed from occurring. what happened the people who left behind was that they were unable to get out of the city until they get help from and South Vietnames troops help the US troops as well.

  3. why they fight to north or south if its same country can they have same politic.

  4. Yeah the North wanted South to be Communist


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