Tuesday, April 10, 2012

part one:
(on page 145)
They are talking about using drugs in the night shift. "We all-about ten of us-stand around Phillip, who announces that there has been a report of some "drug activity" on the night shift and that, as a result, we are now tp be a "drug free" workplace, meaning that all new hires will be tested and possibly also current employees on a random basis." this actually happened to where I work. They had some girl that worked 10pm to 6am smoked weed in the bathroom. We never actually got tested, but this stood out to me because it has happened to my store. My general manger had to fire her for the drug use and also stealing money and food products from the store.

part two:

I work at Tim Hortins off of 23 in Lewis Center. I hate this job, worst job ever. Everybody is so lazy. Nobody wants to work, so I find myself doing a lot of the jobs like sweaping and moping, cleaning up after we are done with the rush, just stupid little things like that. I learned not to slack off on the job because people are watching and it helped me to get the job that I will be working this summer. I pushed myself to be better than everyone else and do not listen to the people that are lazy. I have a reputation at my work for telling people higher then me what to do. They are so lazy and I hate it.


  1. I agree, i have a few lazy coworkers that suck to work with because in the end, i have to pick up their slack. In the end it all works out though, if you put in hard work you will be rewarded first with promotions than other lazy people.

  2. i agree with you sometimes is very hard to woke up ever morning but tim hortons is one my favorite coffee place.

  3. My sister always complained about one of her old jobs. There were a couple of other employees who would go out by the dumpster and smoke weed.


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