Thursday, April 26, 2012

                                                                     Good Form

                          "What stories can do, I guess, is make things present. I can look at things I never looked at. I can attach faces to grief and love and pity and God. I can be brave. I can make myself feel again."
                          In this story I felt how a simple story, fiction or real, can tell you more about a war/battle or someone in the war than any History class can. In addition to that, it shows how a fiction story can better interpret something than a real story. Mainly because, with all the added ingredients in a fiction story, you can feel more and understand more.
                          I'd say that what can be learned about relationships or human nature is that human beings can sometimes have the need to tell a lie, or in other words tell a fiction story, in order to get their word across.
                                                                   Interpretive Questions

1) Why did Tim O'Brien have the need to write a fiction story to talk about a war?
2)What did really happen when was Tim O'Brien was on tour in Vietnam?
3)What happened to Mary Anne Bell?


  1. I like your first interpretive question a lot. There are probably a few good answers for that one

  2. I like your second interpretive question, I think there is some good answers

  3. i like the passage that you picked from the book sometimes fiction can be real or happen i think that's why half of the book is fiction !

  4. Good Form was one my favorite story. and i was wondering what happened to Mary Anne Bell too.

  5. To me it was well nice book to read i really enjoyed specially in this passage.

  6. I think that Tim does a good job of explaining the power of fiction.


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