Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Middle class "Serving in Florida"

One of the ideas that was most convincing was the struggles people went through.  Sometimes one job isn't enough to support yourself.  The author states, "so unless I start using my car as residence I have to find a seond or alternative job."  It shows that there are people at her work that are living in their car just becuase they don't have enough income to make a living.  I only work part time but if I worked full time, I know I would not be able to support myself, but luckilyI still live with my parents.  If I lived on my own I know I would not be able to pay off my bills. 

My first and current job is at JCPenney.  I have worked there for five months now and have learned a lot.  From working in JCP, I have learned the color scheme when it comes to the order of the clothes, the many brands they have, even how the structures are built. When I first started, I took longer in certain projects I had to do.  Those who worked there for more than a year, could finsih my job in an hour, while I would take the whole day.  After a few days of working there, I starting noticing that I was getting better.  It only takes practice. Recently they have changed how things work in JCP.  Every month there is a different color scheme and a lot of preperation is needed.  During those final days of the month requires a lot of work, like making the structures like the one in the picture, changing the manequins clothes, moving a lot fo the merchandise around each month, and changing the prices.  I learned how to build certain stands, using the scanner to check if the merchandise needs to be clearanced, and reading certain wroksheets.  It can be difficult moving some things or have a lot of merchandise moved around when its your first time, but with help from other people, it can be fun and a great learning experience.  Starting off working in JCP was a little difficult but with people helping you and the longer you stay makes it run smoothly.  There is still more to learn from working there.  


  1. yea it's tough out there. But that's why we're in school right? so we don't have to work in costumer service forever

  2. ya i agree with you on the line you picked from the book, is tough as person to acchevie what you want and be successful most of time but you gotta stick with it to accomplish it !


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