Thursday, April 26, 2012

                                                Ghost Soldiers
   “He patted my cheek “purely pitiful” he said. We waited another ten minutes. It was cold now, and damp. Squatting down, I felt brittleness come over me a hollow sensation as if someone could reach out and crush me like a Christmas tree ornament. It was the same feeling I’d had out along the song Tra Bong. Like I was losing myself everything spilling out. I remember how the bullet had made a soft puffing noise inside me. I remember lying there for a long while listening to the river the gunfire and came and how I finally reached back and touched the hole. Filling up with it. All this blood, I thought I’ll be hollow then the brittle sensation hit me. I passed out of for a while, and when I woke up the battle had moved farther down the river.” He was remembering what happen him a long time when he lied about there for a long while listening to the river.
My two interpretive questions is why did Rat kelly shoot?  Will he ever speak to his father they way he used to?

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