Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'd first like to say that after reading Barbara Ehrenreich's essay I felt really bad for the people living in those current situations. The most convincing part of this essay has to be the way she explains the way mangers conduct themselves while on the job. She tells us how managers can sit for hours at a time and that its their duty to make sure employees never do so. In paragraph 2 on page 145 she says that "Stu finds me glancing at a USA Toady a customer has left behind, he assigns me to vacuum the entire floor with the broken vacuum cleaner," I was good friends with a manager and he could confirm this act. It's their job to make sure that everyone is working while clocked in or it's looked at as stealing time.

Great job Steve! Now go and get those sales
Second I'd like to comment on the way I treated people at my last job. It was my job to get people to like the products we sold and I was also in charge of showing that we were a friendly store willing to go the extra mile for our buyers. I got leads for the company Home Depot. What I learned about this job was that I could get away with not knowing a damn thing about the product I was selling. People only wanted to see a smiling face and a great price for what ever they needed. So that's what they got a smiling face and walk through of the item they wanted or needed so badly. I didn't know anything about the items so I was provided with little catalogs that pretty much read everything I said. Cake work!
Here's someone that would not make sales. He needs to be smiling.

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  1. So you pretty much bull shitted your way through it? Haha! You're right, far as I can tell the grumpy workers are pretty much shunned my customers.


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