Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BLOG POST #2- Nate McCready

 Nate McCready
                Upon reading the narrative “serving in florida”, the most influential/convincing part of her essay was showing how the lower/middle class live and their struggles through life. I can relate to this because I am out on my own through college, and my parents pay my rent but all other bills and expenditures I have to pay for. One quote that I find very influential was when “100 dollars short of my rent when the end of the month comes around. Nor can I see any expenses to cut”(148). This quote relates to me because i have been in the same position before.

                One short anecdote that I learned from was an angry customer at work. He had received the wrong food and was very angry and yelling at the current manager at the time about how incompetent the staff was. I was young and took what the man was yelling seriously and argued back with him, resulting in me almost losing my job. What I had learned from that day that there are always going to be angry and stubborn customers, and to never let what they say get to you and to keep a calm mood. It is always better to be the professional one and if a 50 year old man is yelling at you in public and saying rude comments while you stay calm and professional, it’s pretty clear who is the mature one in the conversation is.


  1. i have people yell at us all the time it is really annoying. i just want to tell just because you are having a bad does not mean you can act like that to other people. us a few choice words for how they are acting, but you got the idea. people are rude sometimes and they do not need to be.

  2. When I have angry customers at my work I often try to find something funny about it and will laugh in my head while they explode. This is what keeps me resalable when I need to deal with those kind of people.

  3. that happen to me too when use to work at the mcdonalds one day one of the customers yelled at me and yelled them back and i almost losing my job.


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