Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10 part 1

One of the more convincing points in Barbara Ehrnreich's essay "Serving in Florida" was simply the difficulty middle, or working class citizens go through on a day to day basis. Especially in the cases of the wait/kitchen staff, in her restaurant. This point was substantial to me because I can identify with what the author is saying, as I'm sure many others in the class can. Over worked, under-paid and under-appreciated. It's difficult to make ends meet on your own. And while my living situation may not be as bad as those from the reading I can definitely feel their pain, which is exactly what the author wants from her readers.
"Gail is sharing a room in a well-known downtown flophouse for $250 dollars a week. Her roommate, a male friend, has begun hitting on her, driving her nuts, but the rent would be impossible alone.
Claude, a Haitian cook, is desperate to get to get out of the two room apartment he shares he shares with his girlfriend and two other, unrelated people. As far as I can determine, the other Haitian men lve in similarly crowded situations."

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