Wednesday, January 16, 2013

kelsie :)

Hello, I'm Kelsie Phillips. I am an education major. I am a server at Steve's Dakota and also work at Dairy Queen during the time we're open. I am obsessed with cheetah print, it's kind of gotten out of hand. I love shopping, I am kind of a girly girl. I love the color purple. I am probably the most family oriented out of all of my friends. My best friend says she thinks it's weird how close we are to each other. My boyfriend says he wishes his family was as close as mine is which honestly makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

When I compose a poem I first think about who I want it to be about. Honestly when I'm given an assignment I have to go awhile before jumping in usually. If I wait awhile I let my thoughts process in my head then go into the project and start it. My poem did not turn out the best it could have but it wasn't too bad. I think that it was kind of a challenge to get all the 5 requirements into the poem.

At First Glance You Would See A Stranger,
You May Even Find Him Attractive.
But With A Further Look You See A Man;
A Human,
Someone Who Makes Mistakes Just Like You Or I Would.
He Has Huge Beautiful Brown Eyes,
So Beautiful You Would Get A Picture As If He Were A Deer In Headlights.
When He Is Really Concentrated On Something He Squints
He Squints Because Although He Needs Glasses He Refuses To Wear Them.
He Looks For Love In His Life,
He Searches So Much You Could Say It Is The Most Important Thing In His Life.
He Puts Love Above His Friends, His Family, and His Kids.
“Daddy, Why her? Why Not Us?”

 I believe that Holding On is going to be a good book just by the first few pages we've read. I found it interesting that they were saying that there are a difference between hobos and bums.

Monday, June 4, 2012

All you see is violence and sex on T.V,
but where are those good old-fashioned values
on which we use to reply?
Lucky there is a Family Guy”…
This is the song which when Family Guy is coming on air the cast member sing together…
Family Guy is very interesting show. It is animated show. The show is packed with irony at every turn and twist. peter Griffin who is the father and ‘the family guy’ but he is nothing of that. Lois who is the wife of Peter and the mother of the family, Meg the daughter and most mistreated one in the family. Chris the son in the family most ignored one in the family. tewie the youngest son, one with oval-shaped head, one that get most attention and the most trouble maker. Brian, the family talking dog, when sober and in the company of Stewie the dog is smartest and in love with Lois. There are many other characters in the show, Peter friends and drinking buddies, there are evil monkey which spend time in the Chris closet and frighten him.
This is very funny show; it is also full of iron. Once you start watching u will not get enough it. 

"And that kids is How I Met Your Mother"

Here's a link to the video:

Have a great summer everyone and I hope you like it.

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I hope every body enjoys this video and have a great summer guys!

Eminem, a Fammed Rapper Who Deserves Recognition

     My video about eminem and his accomplishments on his newest album, enjoy!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My favorite quote from this passages for MLK was when he said  "why didn't you give the new city administration time to act?"  I though this is important quote because they want to have their  own election. Dalai lama  this is the important passage i have  "In some countries too much attention is paid to external things and very little importance is given to inner development. if i  look forward for those countries going on the war at this time  didn't give attention how they rid off  the war. they fighting litter thing that they can solve but they did not see the solution.

My own ideas on habit i could develop that might promote peace is to give respect and kind to each other. so we can take care as a brothers  and sisters.