Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First post from Safia

Hello!  everyone nice to meet you, my name is nimco odowa but you can call me Safia this is my second year at Ohiostate Unvisited at Marion. I'm majoring Nursing.   my free time i  enjoy to review my work, listening and read  Quran that is my religion which is important to me. It is a habit of my families; I also I like to become very religious person anytime I have chance to attend  the mosque and read the qur'aan. And also I take care with my families to help whatever they need. Sometime my families and I  to also like to visit my sister house at my free time.

The person who inspired me is my cousin; He tells me history about education how it is important for people because he is educator person and he always like to advice me all the time to improve my knowledge. the time that i would never for get is a time that I was in high school my freshman year. and he told me the only way i can succeed is to be educated and i keep my main what he told me. some time he come to my home helps me to read and write. And I like to be educator person. 

"Life is a journey, travel it well."
"Life is a journey. Enjoy the Ride."

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