Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jane Fonda Vietnam

Jane Fonda was and still is a promising actress she has starred in many films from her early movies in the 1960's like Period of Adjustment, or Walk on the Wild Side. Fonda earned a Golden Globe for her performance in Walk on the Wild Side. Jane Fonda has also played in more recent movies such as Georgia Rule, and Monster-in-Law. She has been a brilliant actress despite the controversy brought about by her activism during the Vietnam war.
The controversy between Jane Fonda and the Vietnam war began when she made a visit to North Korea in 1972. Many stories have been circulated about Fonda betraying POW's and getting them killed, however from what I gathered this isn't true. It is said that she praised the North Vietnamese, posed for photos at a communist anti-aircraft, and she made several radio broadcast in which she called American military leaders "war criminals." In her 2005 autobiography she rejected implications that her opposition to the war had ruined her career she states,"The suggestion is that because of my actions against the war my career had been destroyed... But the truth is that my career, far from being destroyed after the war, flourished with a vigor it had not previously enjoyed." Fonda herself stated her actions against the war so there are some truths to the stories, but the controversy arises with what stories to believe.The general consensus is that she didn't betray the POW's and get them killed, but that she outwardly supported the North Vietnamese. However there is a less popular story where people say that she was only protesting the war, and not promoting the North Vietnamese.

This mug shot of Jane Fonda was taken in Cleveland, when she had landed in the Cleveland airport after speaking at a college in Canada. They arrested her for trying to smuggle drugs, which she claimed were her daily vitamins. Fonda believed that they did this to make her an example and to stop college students from protesting the war. As you can see there are many stories about Jane Fonda during the Vietnam war which explains the great amount of controversy around her. Some people to this day still consider her a traitor, but she says it hasn't hurt her career.


  1. Cassia, what was Fonda known for other than this? What films or roles were her best?

  2. It is crazy how someone can betray there country like that. I can't believe that she went over there and said bad things about america when america is what made her famous.

  3. I've always heard the name Jane Fonda but never knew who it was. Your post was very interesting! In the mug shot of her she's holding up her fist, is that a significant gesture? It reminds me of the black panther sign they do.

    Harmony :)


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