Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The essay "Serving in Florida" presents the reader with several problems with American work culture. The idea that I found to be the most convincing was that lower middle class individuals are often stuck were they are. The part that struck me was when she said, "Tina, another server, and her husband are paying $60 a night for a room in the Days Inn." This was because they did not have enough money to pay the two month deposit on an apartment, or to even pay for one month's rent all at one time. In the long run they are spending more money in the hotel, but they don't really have another option aside from living in their car.

I often do yard work on my grandmother's farm. Mostly just picking up sticks and mowing the lawn. Sometimes I help her with her garden. Several years ago, I was digging holes in the ground so that she could plant her flowers. After finishing one of the holes, I took a few steps back. My foot landed in a hole that I had dug a few minutes earlier. I immediately lost balance and fell down. I landed with my left side on top of a small rose bush. After picking many thorns out of my side, I learned that you should always be sure of your surrounds while working. Most workplace accidents can be avoided if you are paying attention.

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  1. This is very true. People get burnt all the time at my work because they are careless and don't realize the true power of a popcorn popper.


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