Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Form Indeed

"It's time to be blunt. I'm forty-three years old, true, and I'm a writer now, and a long time ago I walked through Quang Ngai Province as a foot soldier. Almost everything else is invented."
I chose this for my favorite passage because I appreciate bluntness and having to re-read something to fully understand it. Getting someone to feel what you were feeling through words is something that isn't the easiest thing in the world to do; and that this book is filled with those kind of stories is interesting to me. In this short chapter he gave us two things to remember, that there is a difference between "happening-truth" and "story-truth" which I feel needed to be pointed out as a disclaimer.

This story reveals that our human nature pushes us to make other people understand what we went through. Even if we have to bend the truth to get our point across as humans we starve for understanding.

My two questions for today were:
1. What makes Tim forgive the new medic after he was shot the second time?
2. What did they call the field where Kiowa died?

3. What drives Tim O'Brien to write this book?

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  1. your third question is nice one, may be he believes that this story is real one or to tell people his past story.


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