Tuesday, April 10, 2012

first part, "I start out with beautiful heroic idea of handling the two jobs at once, and for two days i almost do it working the breakfast/lunch shift at Jerry's from 8:00 till 2:00." i believe someone that work hard like that two jobs at same time is most be someone that need money and i also think shes hard worker as well.

part two, I am the youngest one in my family i never work till i finish high school. now that i found a job i know how it feels, one lessons that i learn from work is that you have to be on time and i was those kinda people that don't care about being on time but now that i work at warehouse no matter what you have to be on time or else you gonna lost your job.


  1. I agree she was a very hard worker. Working two jobs back to back like that would be difficult and tiring!


  2. Thats true, When I started working I had more responsibility than what I previously had.

  3. is hard to work two job at sametime i agress with you for picking this line.
    and also for you is hard being the oldest sibling you gotta handle alot stuff at sametime by your self,good luck :) !


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