Thursday, April 26, 2012

TTTC "Good Form"

Good Form would be my favorite passage. In this very short story, Tim O’Brien is telling us how he felt like if we see him. He still blame himself even though he was in the present. In this short story I felt like I was in his position, the way he telling us and how powerful stories could be. In this short story I felt like I was in O’Brien’s  position, the way he telling us and how he tell us how powerful stories could sometimes be.  
 And something that could be learned from this story is responsibility, how it plays a major roll, how it feels to be somewhere you never been before, WAR and all the flash back you will have after you made it alive. O’Brien writes “And now, twenty years later, I’m left with faceless responsibility and faceless grief” (O’Brien 180). Even after a long period O’Brien still thinks about the war as if he was in there.
Interpretive Questions
1)      Why was Tim O’Brien feeling guilty about him being responsible or being the command?
2)      Why did Tim O’Brien wrote this book? Was it about love or the war?


  1. i really like your second question, I think there is some answers.

  2. It's crazy thinking about people falling in love with the war but I think O' Brien shows us that it does happen.

    Harmony :)

  3. I think the flash back it's nice because of that,there are a lot of young people today seem are not to care about the past.

  4. I like the second part of the second question; I also wrote the first one myself, but I didn't think to include thd second.

  5. I love the second interpretive question. It's a little difficult to answer but that's probably a good thing.


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