Tuesday, April 10, 2012


1) The idea that struck me the most in the essay is the one that said the managers should do somthing while they are at work. they don't to sit down and watch over the employers while they are working. I said this because in my personal opinion its unfair for the managers and the supervisors to sit and not do anything during the work because he is same as the employers. on page 144 from the passage serving in Florida says " Managers can sit for hours at a time if they want but its their job to see that no  one else ever does, even when there is nothing to do and this why for servers slow times can be as exhausting as rushes. you start dragging out each little chore because if the manager on duty catches you in an idle moment he will give you something far nastier to do". So this means you can even take a minute to relax even if there is nothing to do during the work slow. And if the managers catches doing that they will make you to do something that you were not supposed to do it like cleaning the floor.

2) This is my anecdote story about my first job in Oho.

The experience that I learned from my first job which was at Fedex Ground about loading and unloading truck was that how to stuck boxes and put them on the top of each other. It was very hard for me to lift very heavy boxes which I had never lift them before  in my life time.  each box that  I was loading were weighing different amount of weight like 100 lb and below and I was not that strong at that time. So I had to use techniques in order for me load the properly or either way I be fired. So I start putting the heavy boxes underneath and lightest once on the top. I was unable to continue that I work because it need strong people who have skills and I didn't have non of them and  I finally quit the job.

So the lesson I learned from there was not to do something that you don't the skills of it plus the strengt because they may hurt you while you are doing them or leave you a huge impact on you which will effect in the future.

                                                    me vs huge heavy boxes

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