Monday, April 2, 2012

My Hobbies and Inspiration

Hello, My name is Evan Lang. This is my third quarter at OSUM. My major of study is Physics and my minor is Film Production.
In my free time I really enjoy creating videos and movies. My most recent movie is a  comedy I am working on called "The Friend Zone", which I hope to start production on this spring or summer. I also enjoy building crazy contraptions such as cannons, rockets, and air cannons.
My main goal in life is to have my companies, Bright Arc Productions and Lang Industries LLC, to become leaders in the film and digital device industries. I was inspired to try to achieve this this goal after I talked to Russell T. Bundy. He is the CEO of many of some of the largest industrial baking equipment and pan manufactures in the industry. However, at one point in life he was almost homeless, but he knew his passion and saw a opportunity and went with it. This story makes me feel that anyone can succeed in there goals as long as you follow your passion and have determination.

When Louis and I are brain storming film ideas it seems as if the world is a fiction novel where anything can happen.
However, one problem when writing with Louis is that he is like a laughing Hyena and he will laugh at the smallest joke. 


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  2. I dont make movies but i like watching them though lol

  3. Speaking of laughing being a problem, my brother could wake up the whole family just by laughing lol


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