Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Class Blog Post...."Serving in Florida"

  •  Ehrenreich's essay was kind off sad. How hard is her work and how she deals with it. The quote that I really like after I done reading her essay is, "Managers cant sit-for hours at a time if they want --but it's their job to see that no one else ever does, even when there's nothing to do, and this is why, for servers, slow time can be as exhausting as rushes." This quote talks about how managers can do whatever they feel like while others are working hard and how they could sit all day long at times. 
  • It was Autumn of 2011, when i had to write about paper about something i experienced and in order for me to do that i had to go somewhere and experience something. So I decided to go with my brother to work at a warehouse and experience what is like to work there for one day
  • Waking up early in the morning was the hardest part about it. The work starts at 5:00 Am which means I have to wake up an hour early because driving there also takes time. My brother worked there so many times that he got used to it. Then we got to the work place and I seen many people getting dropped off, so i guessed they didn't know how to drive or they didn't have a car. As me and my brother walked in, I see people signing there names on a paper and getting their name tags. I asked the lady who was sitting in the front desk if i could work here for one day, i told her i need this for my English class. She said okay but i was different from everyone because she gave a name tag that says "Volunteer". Then right away the work started and i didn't know where to began with and my brother went to a different place so i had to make some buddies that can help me out. I tried to ask but most of them were Somali, Hispanics and they couldn't understand English that much so i had to figure out how put small things together in a box and put into a bigger box because that what everyone was doing. As i was doing that over and over and over, my legs got tired and i was only standing for like two hours and i had eight more hours to go. There was only one break, i didn't what time it was so i kept on working till it was finally the break time. I sat down and I had no longer energy in my my body. I told myself that if I keep on working I would kill myself, because my back hurt like crazy and i couldn't stand anymore. I then decide to quit at the end of the break and i went outside to wait for my brother.


  1. I experienced the same thing. When I first started in JCP, I had to leave my house an hour early. While at work, I would constantly be moving. By the end of the day, all I could think about was sleep, but I knew I had homework to do. Having a job and going to school was harder than what i thought.

  2. Definitely not a walk into the park...


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