Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"We aint scared of your jails"

A few things stuck out to me in this documentary. The biggest one to me was the fact that the Birmingham police were aware and the FBI was informed about the attack on the "freedom riders" well before the fact and that they both refused to take any proactive steps to protect those who were simply exercising their right as American citizens. Another thing I learned was how well MLK's words were received about the effectiveness of non violent direct action. In my opinion the most useful tactic discussed in the film was that of the workshops, which prepared African Americans for what to expect when they were attempting to peacefully demonstrate.
One of the quote's I took from the documentary was from Jim Zwerg, "We'll keep riding." It seems arbitrary but in the context of what the young man had just gone through for what he believed was right, they are dynamic.  


  1. It is surprising that the FBI did not step in even after they were informed that groups were planning to commit violence against the protesters.

  2. I like that they were determined and persistent towards a common goal


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