Sunday, May 27, 2012


My favorite quote from MLK Jr. was when he says "Daddy, why do the white people treat the colored people so mean". I think this is an important quote because it shows the kids point of view on what it was like when racisim was around. I think that it shows that even kids see how badly they are treated in comparasion. Usually kids would not notice such adult things like that unless they are truly bad.

I think peace starts first in ourselves as well. I think once we can treat people kindly and not be so mean then maybe it could take a domino effect and have people in the world start little by little in the homes and such. I don't think this would promote overall peace but for people that strongly believed in it it could work for them.


  1. I agree, kids will start to see the difference and have an idea that the whites are superior than them. They are the ones that are suffering more for having the thought that thay are not at equal standards with the whites. we should all treat others with respect.

  2. I agree with you; peace starts from within.


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