Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grand Teton reflected in Jackson Lake

The photo that was most effective to me was Grand Teton.  The photo shows a nice image of a large scenery showing the sky, mountains trees and lake.  The photo shows how beautiful the place is.  It makes you feel that you should appreciate nature more and take a second to look at it. In the picture, you can tell its a nice day, but if it were rainy and cloudy it wouldn't give out the same effect. 
      From the beginning it starts off saying, "Although the twenty first century we Americans tend to take the existence of our national park for granted, many of them have a continuous history..."  It shows how nature brings back history.  Te quote and the picture go well together.  People look but not see.  They see an image but they don't really capture the meaning behind it. Theres more to see than meets the eye.
     From the passage, nature has more meaning to it.  Theres more to see than meets the eye.  Nature gives historical reference  and gives more meaning.


  1. there's more to see than meets the eye. People can recognize the beauty without any understanding of its history

  2. We should appreciate nature and take a second to look at it everyday! You're right!


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