Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Aint Scared of Your Jail", is a film about the color college students taking action because segregation was being notice.Not only the colored students took action, but some whites students helped them. The first action the students took was sitting at a dining table where the whites seated at, but nobody served the colored students two weeks straight. After that violent broke out, whites beating up colored students and other people who were protesting with them. The colored people came up with many tactics to protest without fighting back and the tactics are: Sit-ins, Workshops, Bus Boycott, no colored people went to downtown, and Freedom Riders. Freedom Riders is where most of the action happen, whites beat up colored and the police arrested the colored for causing trouble. When the colored people didn't go downtown, Whites noticed their business was affect by the colored people. So the color people had enough of the segregation and protest to the mayors office and he agreed segregation was wrong, then he declared Whites and Blacks have equal rights.


  1. Great image, I thought the boycotts seemed effective as well

  2. i like the tittle of the image it really expresses the picture!


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