Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In The Field

  •  The quote I really liked was "In the letter to Kiowa's father he would apologize point-blank". I liked this because it shows how Jimmy Cross is guilty about loosing Kiowa in the "Shit-field" and the fact that he thought of what he would have said to Kiowa's father was a meaningful moment. 
  • In this story I felt sad for three people. First, I felt bad for Kiowa obviously for having to die that way. Secondly, I felt bad for Kiowa's family. for having to hear that their son had died in war although the would be proud it would still be hard for any parent or relative to hear. Lastly, I felt bad for Jimmy Cross. I felt bad for him because of the guilt he carried with him throughout the story. Even though he had orders from higher up the guilt still falls on him.

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  1. I really do feel for Cross too because, like you said, he was only carrying orders that came from his higher ranked commanders.


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