Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The photo that was most effective to me was photo 7: Fire caused by Brazilian farmers burning out of control in the Amazon state of Rondonia. We see the smoke from far on the background. It shows us how much or how many trees have been burned. The air pollution that came from the burning plants is makes the photo effective. The ideas or the feelings behind the photo are how un-responsible people would hurt the environmental image.
The part of the writing that was most powerful is “The Amazon rainforest, sometimes called “the lungs of our planet,” produces 20% of the world’s oxygen and contains the largest diversity of the plant and animal species in the world. Over 438000 species of plants of economic and social interest have been registered, and many more are un-catalogued; one in free of the worlds birds live there. Even a single hectare (2.47 acres) includes more than 750 types of trees and 1,500 other plants.” It was powerful or effective because first Amazon is the most source of the oxygen and second we have so many species such as plants and animals that can’t found in anywhere else.  
What dose nature does for me? Almost everything, nature gives a peace of mind, happiness and health. What in nature that means the most to me are the beautiful view at the mountains, rivers and the clean air?


  1. That's cool you said nature gives you a peace of mind!


  2. i choose the same picture as you , because alot people ignore the fact how it harm the nature and mostly animals !

  3. It is amazing how diverse the Amazon rain forest is with plants and animals. Good quote.


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