Friday, May 25, 2012


 I agree the group decide to work freedom for ride and to work stop the fought the innocent students. Although it is unfair and discrimination situation, and hate their color. I like this quote because they did very jobs and create peaceful for their society and stop rest of the students. Who decided the way to do it was have a group interracial group through this was not civil disobedience. Really, is right for human to do. The black people and white are equals’ both of them were some.  Also, it is good deciding to stop rest innocents people women children. “Whiting room for blacks and the blacks into the waiting room for whites and would seek to use all the facilities, refusing to leave. And we felt that we could then count upon the racists of the states to create a crisis so that the federal government would be compelled to enforce federal law. And that was the rationale for the Freedom Ride.” I parade any more there no discrimination. The Our people all some human right thanks god.   
  This quote is important because makes the human rights and respect each other, the system is some that mean it is a peaceful.The situation students for no reason killed and rest in the Jail. The documentary i watch talk about  very disappoint, but that is a past situation.


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