Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grand Teton reflected in Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

     The most effective photo personally to me was the first one. the photo is of a beautiful snow covered mountain in an also snowing landscape covered by nature and untouched by society. Knowing the history behind the park made me think deeper into the image, the blurred reflection in the water made me think of how the lives of the farmers and cattlemen had been changed because the land was taken from them, although happy I was that it became a park, the farmers lost valuable land for grazing purposes. So while the photo give you the feeling of preservation, it also has a blurred image of loss, since the reflection was blurred and lost some details. But maybe I read too far into things.

     "In he early twentieth century, a proposal to make the site an extension of Yellowstone National Park aroused the wrath of various groups. Sheep and cattle ranchers (themselves enemies) wanted to continue grazing their herds; other lobbied for traditional hunting, grazing, and ranching activities." I believe this is where the writing is most effective because this is where it is brought to our attention that people used this land for large purposes, to keep their cattle healthy and to hunt whether for gaming purpose or to feed their families. this land wasn't just going to waste, it didn't hold into endangered species, it was just beautiful and close so it was sort of grandfathered in. it can be appreciated now as a park, but while it was in use I'm sure it wasn't the best thing for the people around it. Don't get me wrong I am not a "tree huger" but I do not think that it is okay to abuse nature, but it isn't right to put it away just for pretty pictures when it is being used in a war that will not hurt the land.

     Nature essentially does everything for me; it makes the air I breath, the food I eat, and the clothes I wear. all of it comes from nature in one form or another. In nature what means the most to me personally would have to be the woods. I grew up in the woods and I am very fond of it. To see that it is slowly disappearing is heart breaking.


  1. We get everything from nature, in one way or another. And I like the first photo a lot as well

  2. You have a good perspective of the situation! I respect that you look at it from both sides!

  3. Hunters are some of the best conservationists. A good hunter understands that they have to hunt sparingly and to protect ecosystems if they want to be able to hunt in the future.


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