Tuesday, May 8, 2012


     The photo that was most effective to me was the seventh photo because it first caught my eye. It is an awesome photo. Although it represents destruction, the picture is still very good. The photographer captured what looks like lifeless trees. The tops of the tree look bare. When I look at this photo I wonder where the smoke is coming from. The smoke in the picture pretty much takes up the whole photo except for maybe about a fourth that shows where the trees and ground are. I believe this distribution is significant because it shows how (whatever caused the smoke) is taking over the land.
     The most powerful sentence in this paragraph is this, "The Amazon rain forest, sometimes called "the lungs of our planet," produces 20% of the world's oxygen and contains the largest diversity of plant and animal species in the world." We know how important the Amazon rain forest is. This paragraph explains how helpful the rain forest is to humans as well as being a home to many animals.
     Nature does a lot for humans. We can live because of nature. So it means a lot to me. Nature represents pure beauty, until it is touched by humans destructive hands and waste. God created this world to be beautiful. I think of nature being God's artwork!

Harmony :)


  1. I agreed with you about nature being God's artwork...

  2. I agree that too. I also write about the same photo. I like how you said " I think of nature being God's artwork".

  3. beautifully said. we're destroying God's canvas


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