Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo essay

The Photo that is most effective to me is this one. And its about the fire caused by Brazilian farmers burning out of control in the Amazon state of Rondonia. This photo is a fire that is going on the plant crops in Brazil. it shows a lot of smoke that going into the air and making pollution on to it. What makes this photo so special is that it shows how the smoke going around through the atmosphere and also riding off trees and the grass as well. The feelings that this photo generates are not good at all because its all about killing the air and making the atmosphere more dirty then it is.

The part where the writing is the most effective is where it says "Withing forty years the entire Amazon rainforest could disappear entirely". I think that is where the writing is the most effective because its talking about how the rainforest will be gone and the nature will be effected after rainforest is gone.

Nature does a lot of things for me because nature is what makes the world beautiful and so attract to the eyes of human being. For example green places are where the eyes like to see. Nature means to me a lot because water is a nature and I could never be survived without water or air.


  1. I did the same one...
    So true,,, water and air is everything to human and they yet polluted and wasted too So sad

  2. its hard to think about how much devistation the fire caused

  3. The fire so dangerous i hop they can survive fire the people in there.


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