Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Inspires Me

     My name is David Jeanmougin. This is my third quarter at Ohio State. I am majoring in history. My long term goal is to become an educator. I would like to teach on either the high school or college level. I enjoy spending time with my friends.
      I find Stephan Colbert to be inspirational. He has the ability to bring the news in a interesting and humorous way. The show may not be the best source of current events, but many mainstream news sources can be just as biased as Colbert.

I wrote my exploration about my friend Andrew. One metaphor I used was, "He isn't above acting like a clown in order to get a laugh." The other metaphor I used was, "Sometimes his comebacks are so quick and well thought out that it is almost like they are scripted."

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