Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introducing Myself

Hello! My name is Christina Butcher. I am majoring in middle childhood education, concentrations of English and History. I have tons of little hobbies! I do everything from painting and writing to shooting my .9 mil hand gun. My family hunts a lot, being from West Virginia that's how we get all the meat we eat through out the year. Except chicken of course, I don't normally see free range chicken; even in WV. Shooting was one of those natural things for me to learn, I don't hunt but I do love to shoot. I am a published poet for a charity site, meaning I write the poems they take the money earned from selling the book it's in and it goes to ovarian cancer research. (This recently closed down from lack of interest, sadly) But I also play video games, not a lot, mostly the kids games, like Mario Party 9 and Little Big Planet 1 and 2; but once in a while I'll enjoy playing a round of left4dead and MW games.

A person that inspires me is my high school home schooling tutor, her name is Susan Kaculis, I was in a bad place in life having just had a soft ball sized tumor off my ovary along with many smaller ones, then 7 tumors taken off my tail bone within a year span. Then my high school refused to help me with my school work, until they provided me with my tutor. Every day no matter how bitter I acted towards her she was kind to me. She always helped me when I needed it, and went beyond what was asked of her job. As a Christian she revived my faith in God, in the simple matter that he always provides for us. But I'll refrain from getting on my soap box.

And that's all for now folks
Christina Butcher
P.S. I am a dork, I wont apologize for it, but be warned I say things I do not mean. So don't take it to heart.

"His eyes are a dark midnight blue with silvery-gray lightening bolts reaching out from the pupils"
"He never takes things people say to heart, I admire that since I normally wear my emotions on my sleeve"
These are two metaphors I chose out of my paper to share with you all.

  • "There are no secret economies that nourish the poor; on the contrary, there are a host of special costs." (Page 147 paragraph 8) This struck me pretty deep; seeing as many people believe that the poor get hand outs because of things like welfare. When in reality they are criticized even more strongly then they are for being in the situation to first need the help. She goes on saying that if you can't get two months' rent to secure a cheap apartment then you end up having to pay even more. Growing up in a lower class; where my Aunt would buy a can of mini wienies and my mom boxes of cheap-o mac'n'cheese so that our families could have a real meal, it is hard to believe how people react when you can't get them the money they want int he amount of time they want. 
  • This is in WV. Yellow house. Car port. And behind that you can barely see is the old barn
  • I have never had a job, partially because I was very ill all throughout high school so I never had a change too. But in middle school before I became ill I did help my grandparents in West Virginia by working in the barn. We did many many jobs while in the barn, from butchering deer to working on a boat. this didn't exactly happen to me, but I was witness too it and learned from her mistakes. This one particular time we had a deer hanging up by it's feet cutting out the rib meat and my grandfather had left it's bladder in the caucus (we still don't understand why he did so). But it was in our way of getting out the last little bit of meat, my grandmother decided she would cut the bladder out and all would be fine. Keep in mind my grandmother is a short 5 feet 2 inches tall through out the rest of this little story, she had to get a step ladder out and use it in order to reach where she needed to cut as to not get the contents all over her. This did not work because she could still barely reach it. She slipped at the last minute and made the bag bust sending everything inside into her face and all over her clothes. Moral of the story; if the person before you didn't do their job correctly, do not try and do it yourself when you don't know what you are doing, and if you need help, go ask for it. Or else you may smell like deer pee for a week.  

My grandfather had a lot of mounts of deer all of which he has killed, he knew better then to leave the innards. (2008, he has added much more since then, including a bear, albino deer, a turkey and many many squirrels.


  1. Left of dead is a great party game, love it! so judging by the games you decided to tell us about you play group games. Which i feel is the best way to play. In my man cave I have 4 xbox 360's and 4 matching flat screens. So you can pretty much guess what goes on down there with a bunch of party people, pizza, and beer!

  2. Thats really interesting that you were a published poet on a charity site, thats unfortunate that it closed down.


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