Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kelsie Phillips

MAY 29, 2012
Hey, my name is Kelsie Phillips! My major is Early Childhood Education. I am taking History 151, English 110, and Math 104 as my classes this quarter. I am a freshman right now. I work at the Dairy Queen in Marion and usually when I am not at school I am working, hanging out with my family/friends, or shopping. My favorite color is purple. I would say that someone who inspires me is my mom. I know that is not someone famous or anything but she has been there for me every time that I have needed her and I love her for that.

APRIL 3, 2012
My exploration 2 was about my best friend Marjolaine.
  • She is as pretty as a picture with her long legs, long dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
  •  One thing that we had in common was shopping, when we would go into a store we were like kids in a candy store.


  1. I love the color purple!! also I took 104 last quarter D: I hated it

  2. Hello Kelsie,
    I also work and hang out with friends when I am not in school. My mother is also a great inspiratin to me, she has always been there for me when I needed her.

  3. Math is not that bad the teacher is great plus you have me in there i'm a clown i make people laugh.

  4. "we were like kids in a candy store." <----------thats funny!


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