Thursday, March 29, 2012


My name is Kevin Ross, i am studying Zoology. my hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing sports, and pretty much anything social.  My brother is been inspiring to me. His name is Ryan. He has done bad things in life, in which i do not want to tell, but he has changed his life for the better. He has helped me be a better person because i know people can change and it is never to late to change.


We heard this hissing noise, it sounded like a snake before it’s about to strike

We were like the three stooges, but not as stupid.


  1. That's really cool you're majoring in zoology! I have a friend also majoring in that. That's awesome about your brother too and you're right it's never too late to change!


  2. That is really inspiring you're right its never too late to change! Hope zoology works out that's really interesting:)

  3. It's always great to learn from your mistakes and take the better way. so good to hear that about your brother who learned from his mistakes and turned to the right way.


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