Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello everyone

My name is Fadumo, my friends call me Fay. I am from Somali, but been in some other African countries like Kenya and Uganda. I have a big family, 5 sisters and 6 brothers. I am twin and we have other 2 set of twins in my family. I am freshmen at OSU and my major is Nursing. I enjoy walking, cooking and listening to music, I also write poems.

One person inspired me is my English teacher in high school freshman year. When we came to US we didn't speak any English me and my other 3 siblings. She had to make us understand her and make her self understand us. It wasn't really a easy experience to her but she put time and patience. Today, without her we would be in this level after God blessing. All my English teachers through life i owe them big time.

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  1. It must have been hard learning a new language, I'm glad you found great teacheres to help you out.


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