Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello everybody

Hi everybody, my name is Sade Diriye. I graduate from Westerville North High School, and this is my third quarter at Ohio State University. I am studying pharmaceutical science. I have several different hobbies, but my best once in my free time is to play soccer and basketball as well. 

Everybody who lives around this world today have a sombody who inspires him/her every day. so the person that always inspires me is my mother and she always tells me to do the right thing in order for me to reach my goals in the future. She tells me to do my work from the school so that I can get good grade for my classes. she always tells to read the books, magazines, and journals so that i can improve my reading skills. The bottom line she always tries her very best in order for me to succeed in the future and I am very proud to have her in my life.:-)

 hello every body this is my sentences with the two metaphors

  So while he was practicing with the team he was playing like a fit person but he was not 100%. Whenever he dribbles with the soccer ball, he ran as a person who one of his legs is broken even though he was not.


  1. I graduated from Mifflin High School and I like Soccer too! lol

  2. I love playing soccer too! And my mom is who i put as my inspiration as well. Moms are just awesome!

    Harmony :)

  3. I'm better than all of you guys at soccer lol , am just saying...


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